Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Dikembe Mutombo was asked by the Ebola Coordination Team at CDC to record PSAs in French, Lingala, Swahili and English about the Ebola outbreak in the DRC. Messages created to encourage Congolese citizens in …

“hot zones” to protect themselves and seek treatment as soon as possible. As of April 9, 2019 there have been a total of 1186 confirmed and probable Ebola virus cases with 751 deaths.

Dikembe Mutombo, who is Congolese and an internationally famous retired sports star and philanthropist offered to work with CDC to film a public service announcement (PSA) for Ebola to help with community engagement.

The PSA is recorded in Kiswahili, French, and Lingala with messages that stress empathy and the reality of Ebola and include a call to action to affected DRC communities to act together now to end Ebola.